At Northside Boarding Center, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful staff is here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Services We Offer


Northside Boarding Center offers overnight boarding services for both dogs and cats. While it’s always great to take our pet with us on every outing or family vacation, it is not always feasible.

Boarding your pet at Northside Boarding Center means that they will be cared for by a highly-skilled veterinarian team. Our team and facilities offer enjoyable and comfortable daily or overnight boarding services to the pets of Moultrie, GA, and the surrounding areas.

To enhance your canine’s experience with us, we offer additional amenities (additional cost required) such as individualized playtime, peanut butter kongs, puppy popsicles, doggie ice cream, and more!

All of our boarding patients, including our cat companions, have access to bathing and grooming services such as nail trims, brushing, etc.

For more information on the services available to your pet, please check out our boarding appointment form.


Nail Trims

We understand that pet parents never want their fur babies to be in pain. This is why keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is an integral part of their health and wellness care. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is important to prevent pain, discomfort, and damage.

We’re happy to take care of this for you during any boarding stay. For more information on our nail trims, cost, and other amenities offered, please check out our boarding appointment form.

Total Body Shave Downs

Pet hair can get long, matted, and unmanageable at times, and we’re here to help! Whether it is for personal pet grooming needs, solving a particular issue (such as matted fur), or getting ready for the summer months, our team provides compassionate care to all our clients when performing any grooming treatment.

A total body shave down consists of a full-body shave with clippers on one of two different settings, short or shorter. For more information on our total body shave downs, please give us a call. 


You can trust Northside Boarding Center to provide your pets with luxurious bathing care with the utmost professionalism and care. Whether your pet is here for a quick bath or medicated bath, our team treats your pet like family and ensures they are comfortable during their time with us. For pets who are itching or dealing with skin conditions/allergies, medicated baths can help relieve this discomfort.

If you have any special requests regarding bathing or things we should know about your pet to ensure they have a positive experience with us, please let our staff know. 

Expressing Anal Glands

Anal glands in dogs give them a distinct signature. It’s a sort of ‘calling card’ to other dogs as a way to communicate many things. These stinky sacs, though functional, can become impacted and bring about discomfort for your pup pal. If you have any questions about this process, please give our staff a call.